Shipping & Returns

all parcels can track on this website!!

delivery time: the seller will arrange shipment within three days,  after the buyer success of the payment, and inform the waybill number

shipping time :25-65days, Different countries, shipping time will be different。



1.The seller is not responsible for import customs clearance. If the goods is detained,
 the buyer and the seller shall each bear half of the cost.

2.If the goods can't pass the customs and is returned, the seller shall give a full refund.

3.If the buyer receives the goods with quality problems, the buyer can send the goods back to the seller within 7 days after the receipt of the goods.  The seller shall send the ordered goods of good quality back to the buyer with free shipping.

If the buyer can't send back the goods to the seller, and just wants to get back the money,
the seller shall send back only 20% of the total amount of the refund.